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As the electricity industry transitions from existing, centralised generation to localised sources of solar and other distributed energy resources, community groups and councils are organising to provide their constituents with options for cheaper and greener electricity.

Critical to creating the most appropriate and efficient commercial and operating models for community and council led energy groups is access to accurate, localised data on the following:

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Energy Usage Profiles
  • Solar Penetration by Local Government Area (LGA) or Post Code
  • Solar Generation and Export (current and forecasted)
  • Battery and Electric Vehicle (EV) Penetration
  • Carbon Emissions Data
  • Localised Network Performance

C4NET works with councils and community energy groups across Australia to source and help organise electricity data. We engage with numerous stakeholders at different stages of project and research development. By engaging with groups early, we help to ensure they have access to the right data they need to meet carbon emissions objectives, support localised energy needs, plan for future renewable generation, forecast virtual power plants and power purchase agreements and consider the integration of EVs and associated charging stations.

Some examples of our work with local governments and community groups include:

City of Melbourne
Procuring consistent, accurate energy consumption data to report on the greenhouse gas impact of their municipality and monitor the impact of various planning regimes and council initiatives. Specifically: Identifying LGA boundaries within distribution patches to get detailed and accurate electricity consumption data. Providing data on the amount of residential, commercial & industrial electricity consumed based on tariff information. Helping with governance of data retrieval such that year on year data could be baselined and assist in trend analysis.
Mount Alexander Sustainability Group, Inc.
Working with the group to determine the right electricity data required to plan for their 2025 zero net emissions target. C4NET provided: Historic consumption data in accessible formats that can be easily understood and further modelled to provide insights into projects and programs to support emissions reduction targets. An assessment of solar penetration, usage and export to help identify areas of high community energy potential.  

Much of our support for community and council groups comes through our deep expertise in knowing which data is available and how that data can be used to support a variety of community-based energy initiatives.

If you have a community energy need or work with a council with specific energy efficiency or climate targets, contact us at to find out how C4NET can help.

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