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Advanced planning of PV-rich distribution networks: HV-LV modelling of selected HV feeders


The  project is established to develop analytical techniques to assess residential solar PV hosting capacity of  electricity  distribution  networks  by  leveraging  existing  network  and  customer  data.  Additionally,  planning  recommendations  will  be  produced  to  increase  the  hosting  capacity  using  non-traditional solutions  that  exploit  the  capabilities  of  PV  inverters,  voltage  regulation  devices,  and  battery  energy  storage systems. This  document first presents  the  process  adopted  to  select  the  HV  feeders  going  to  be  used in  the  project. Chapter 3 details the procedure adopted to extract and process all feeder data to develop the corresponding digital feeder models considering different aspects and assumptions. Chapter 4 presents the  topology  and  general  characteristics  of  all  fully  modelled  feeders  along  with  a  case  study  that  considers  a  peak  demand  day  time-series  power  flow  analysis  using  the  software  OpenDSS.  The  corresponding  analyses,  which  consider  realistic  demand  data,  help  understanding  the  level  of  the  detailed modelling performed while demonstrating the expected behaviour of each of the feeders. 

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