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Supporting the Electrification of Victoria’s Future Fleet 

Project Partners: RMIT University, Monash University, La Trobe University, City of Melbourne, CitiPower Powercor, Siemens

This project will see the establishment of the first Electric Vehicle (EV) living lab in the southern hemisphere. This major project is a collaboration between RMIT, Monash, La Trobe University, C4NET, City of Melbourne, CitiPower and Siemens, building on RMIT’s existing microgrid and renewable generation facilities.  

As well as supporting the research, the establishment of an EV data hub (warehouse) will be made available to the research community and wider public. This will include valuable, real-world data on travel patterns, user behaviour, customer responses to tariff signals and details on the performance of various battery technologies. The dataset will support electric vehicle research in Victoria, nationally and internationally. 

Through applied research projects that test EV technologies, study their technical and legal-economic impact on the electricity grid, prices and broader system, the lab will provide a unique capability that supports Victoria and Australia in understanding the complex economic, legal, environmental, and engineering aspects of public and private fleet electrification.  

The project is designed to support and inform future policy towards Victoria’s net-zero emission targets in the transport sector, proactively addressing both likely and unforeseen challenges as EVs are adopted at accelerated rates in both public and private sectors. 

The project is supported by $5.2 million of funding, announced by Minister for Higher Education Gayle Tierney, provided under the Victorian Higher Education State Investment Fund (VHESIF).


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