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Microgrid Demonstration Initiative

The $10 million Microgrid Demonstration Initiative (MDI) was announced in December 2017 to support the development and implementation of microgrid demonstration projects that address key microgrid sector challenges and contribute to the unlocking of the sector in Victoria.

The funded projects represent a range of participants and include households, universities and commercial and industrial customers, across regional and metropolitan areas. The system types and scale of the projects are diverse and include microgrids, virtual power plants (VPP), smart embedded networks and market models. The supported projects will encourage the development of innovative financial and business models, the uptake of clean and new energy technologies and provide economic benefits to all participants.

  • Euroa Environment Group – Euroa Microgrid

    The Euroa Microgrid project will demonstrate the economic opportunities for shared renewable energy and battery assets in communities. It will reduce the local demand for electricity from the grid and reduce the need for seasonal diesel generators. In doing so, the community of Euroa will demonstrate an economic alternative for local renewable generation for network operators.

    For more information on the Euroa Microgrid please contact Shirley Saywell from Euroa Environment Group at

  • Monash University – Microgrid Electricity Market Operator (MEMO)

    The MEMO project aims to demonstrate the market potential for a third-party entity responsible for microgrids. The project will exhibit how the management of customers energy use can be coordinated with variable renewable energy generation (on site and off site) in conjunction with energy storage and flexible loads in order to monetise market services revenues. In doing so, opportunities to develop economic value from microgrid operations in the broader community, such as industrial and commercial precincts, will be explored and commercial arrangements established.

    For more information on the MEMO project please visit

  • Origin Energy – Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

    Origin Energy is developing a cloud-based solution that will distribute power from up to 650 customers with solar PV and batteries during peak periods. The VPP will boost grid stability by discharging power from solar PV and batteries located at homes and commercial and industrial sites to reduce their power bills.

    For more information on the Origin VPP project please contact Brian Bird from Origin Energy on 03 9821 8205 or at

  • Ovida – Community Energy Hubs

    Ovida’s Community Energy Hubs project aims to install shared solar PV and battery systems, with no up-front costs, at 3 multi-tenanted buildings in Melbourne to demonstrate how residential and commercial tenants can access and share renewable energy resources to reduce their energy costs. The scheme will allow flexibility for tenants and owners to opt-in or opt-out and reduce the amount of electricity purchased from the electricity grid.

    For more information on the Community Energy Hubs project please contact Elissa-Jane Bowden from Ovida on 0438 072 774 or at

  • SwitchDin – Birchip Cropping Group Microgrid Demonstration

    Energy technology company SwitchDin and commercial microgrid developer Walnut Energy Systems have partnered with Birchip Cropping Group (BCG) to deliver the BCG microgrid project in Birchip Victoria. The BCG microgrid is optimised for solar (51kW) & battery (137kWh) energy self-consumption, and ‘islanding’ capability to keep power on in the event of a grid outage. The project provides a working demonstration of microgrid technologies and their ability to lower energy costs, and demonstrates the value of energy resilience and self-sufficiency for rural industries (More about this project).

    For more information on the BCG Microgrid Demonstration please contact SwitchDin at, BCG on 03 5492 2787 or Walnut Energy Systems at

  • Totally Renewable Yackandandah – Yackandandah Constrained SWER Microgrid Trial

    TRY’s project will establish a microgrid in Yackandandah to help cut energy bills for residents and assist the community to achieve their 100 per cent renewable energy target. The project will increase the number of houses with solar PV and batteries on a Single Wire Earth Return powerline and include control technology to manage network stability.

    For more information on the Yackandandah Constrained SWER Microgrid Trial please contact

  • Latrobe Valley Microgrid Program

    The Latrobe Valley Microgrid Program (LVMP) was announced in August 2018 to further build upon the Initiative with a focus on the Latrobe Valley in regional Victoria. The Solar Partnering Around Regional Communities (SPARC) microgrid project was successful and will be delivered by Ovida Pty Ltd, in conjunction with consortium partners, Australian Energy Foundation, Allume Technologies and RMIT University.

    The SPARC project is due for completion in June 2022 and will see the roll out of behind-the-meter microgrids, based on solar and batteries, with the aim to reduce energy costs for business and support the transition of the Latrobe Valley to a low-emission economy.

    For more information on the SPARC microgrid project please contact Gordon Hollonds from Ovida on 0438 198 804 or at

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