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Electric Vehicles: An Exploration on Adoption and Impacts

Electric Vehicle Uptake and Charging Report:

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have the potential to bring substantial economic and environmental benefits, and electricity networks in Australia have a fundamental role in enabling their efficient adoption. However, if unmanaged, EVs might negatively impact the network and lead to significant network and generation investment, and security issues. It is therefore vital that networks are adequately prepared for EV adoption and to support customers’ future choice of transport.


The project will aim to explore, with a range of both network-related and consumer-related research methodologies and tools, four key research areas over two temporal horizons (2030 and 2040):

  1. Customer acceptance and expectations around EVs;
  2. Distribution network impacts from unmanaged EVs;
  3. Distribution network integration of EVs using active management strategies;
  4. Techno-economic network and system integration of EVs.

Proposed Outcomes

The project findings will provide strategic inputs into the impacts from EVs and the role of EV management strategies and key recommendations and roadmap for EV deployment, including an updated view on how to drive positive customer response based on network studies and commercial and regulatory changes potentially required. A dataset for unmanaged and managed charging profiles which can be applied to demand forecast/network planning processes of Network Service Providers (NSPs).


  • Energy Networks Australia

    Energy Networks Australia is the national industry body representing Australia’s electricity transmission and distribution and gas distribution networks. Energy Network Australia members provide more than 16 million electricity and gas connections to almost every home and business across Australia.

  • The Australian Power Institute

    The Australian Power Institute (API) is a non for profit national organisation established by the electricity power industry to boost the quality and numbers of power engineering graduates with the skills and motivation for a career in the energy industry.

  • The University of Melbourne

    The University of Melbourne is a public research university located in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 1853, it is Australia’s second oldest university and the oldest in Victoria.

  • C4NET

    The project lead, and a community leader in the promotion of new energy. C4Net favours evidence-based policy decision making and will data to inform the feasibility of microgrids.


Launch events were held where residents, businesses and the community members of Donald and Tarnagulla were invited to gain insights into the Study, provide ideas, as well as meet the Study partners.


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