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Councils’ Access to Aggregated Energy Data

Project Partners: City of Melbourne, with support from Powercor and Jemena Powercor Australia

C4NET is helping councils access timely, accurate, aggregated energy data. Councils periodically require energy consumption data to report on the greenhouse gas emission impacts of their municipal area and evaluate the results of their project interventions, seeking this information directly from electricity distribution businesses. In the past, this process has been challenging for both councils and distribution businesses, presenting valuable opportunities to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the data request and provision process.

Starting with a pilot delivered in partnership with the City of Melbourne, C4NET arranged access to 12 months of aggregated energy consumption data that accurately reflected council boundaries (for the first time), working closely with the relevant distribution businesses to ensure the details were correct and the query was repeatable.

C4NET has now provided similar engagements with the City of Ballarat and the City of Whittlesea.

This project has been illustrative of the challenges faced by various organisations, groups and agencies to access data, demonstrating the need for a ‘data broker’ like C4NET to investigate and resolve such blockages. C4NET acknowledges the distribution businesses for their generosity of time and effort on this project.

C4NET is further expanding this service to additional councils across Victoria – please contact us for details.

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