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City of Greater Bendigo Data CO-OP: Augmenting community information with energy data

Project Partners: City of Greater Bendigo, Powercor, Swinburne, C4NET, Bendigo Community Health Services Ltd. Powercor Australia

Swinburne University, in collaboration with Bendigo Community Health Services, established the Regional Data CO-OP Project in September 2020. The aim is to make energy data accessible to social science and public health researchers and promote the use of energy data for public policy research and social impact initiatives. Inherent to the project is the exploration of potential applications of the Data CO-OP approach, to gain insights into improving the well-being of people living in the City of Greater Bendigo area.

C4NET has supported Swinburne’s request to participate in the CO-OP Project as a new collaborator and funder. C4NET is providing a cash contribution and granting a royalty-free licence to facilitate the use of data supplied to C4NET by Powercor.

The insights below are derived from public and closed datasets by the Data CO-OP partners, highlighting communities’ average energy consumption and export.

For more information, please visit: City of Greater Bendigo Data CO-OP

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