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Innovation Insights: VPP Activity in Australia – Progress and Hurdles

In response to the increasing pressure on supply and demand, the energy industry is moving towards smart solutions to better manage generation and distribution.

Operating a virtual power plant that utilises different distributed energy resources could be of benefit in creating supply alternatives, which result from the generated power and flexibility in grid interaction.

– What are the different forms of VPP’s?
– How feasible is it to have a virtual solution to a physical challenge?
– What could they deliver? and what barriers are being faced?
– How are VPP’s being deployed in Australia now?

This informative session will bring together specialists and practitioners to address these topics, along with how it may be relevant for your business.

Join us for an interactive hour that includes views and case studies from within the energy industry and a Q&A with a panel of experts.


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Event Information

9 December 2020

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Zoom Webinar

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