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Innovation Insights: Machine Learning Transforming the Energy Industry

The energy sector will see billions of dollars of investment over the coming years to facilitate the uptake of cleaner technologies, distributed energy resources and transition existing infrastructure.

With the rise of big data and digitisation within the sector, machine learning is poised to be a key tool to inform efficient investment, drive operational efficiencies and address energy consumers needs such as cost, choice, sustainability and reliability.

But what is machine learning, how is it different to data analytics or artificial intelligence and how is it being put to use in the energy sector? This informative session will bring together specialists and practitioners to address these topics along with how it may be relevant for your business.

Join us for an interactive hour that includes views and case studies from within the energy industry and a Q&A with a panel of experts.

Brought to you by C4NET and the Victorian Clean Technology Fund

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24 September 2020

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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