The Centre for New Energy Technologies (C4NET) supports and capitalises on the energy transformation by building skills, leveraging data and instilling innovation in Victoria’s new energy technologies sector.

C4NET will support collaboration between industry, universities and government. It will deliver through projects that support a flexible, resilient and integrated energy ecosystem and will align education of industry professionals with the needs of our transforming energy sector.

Energy Solutions Today

Driving innovation in new energy

C4NET will connect new energy technologies with research and development programs to expedite their development and delivery. Through C4NET, new technologies proponents will access high quality researchers and sophisticated data analytics, experts and tools.

Creating a dialogue for the sector

Promote thought leadership and policy setting for the energy sector by connecting key stakeholders and influencers across government, industry and higher education, including access to Victoria’s renewable energy advocate. C4NET will also connect business and community organisations with industry-leading researchers and professionals.

Building skills and technologies for a brighter energy future

Foster future generations of new energy professionals through a range of education programs, tailored from primary school through to tertiary.

Facilitate the transition of skilled workers from traditional industries by providing access to innovative up-skilling programs that build on existing capabilities.

Informing data led, best practice approaches

C4NET will unlock the potential benefits of energy data and sophisticated data analytics capabilities. Various stakeholders, including businesses and community organisations, will be enabled to make innovative and informed energy related decisions.